Areas Of Business



Our Consulting teams assist and advise private and public actors to align their organizations to their strategies and achieve their transformations, for better overall performance.

Our teams have developed depth sector expertise and can assist you to drive your transformation projects on all their dimensions:



  • improve the performance of your processes
  • simplify and make your management procedures more effective
  • better manage your risks


Change management

  • Mobilization, training and Staff coaching


Best practices

  • Implementation of best IT practices (IT Service Management, IT Governance, Information Security Governance, Project Management, Business Analysis, Software Engineering)


Information systems

  • Prior Studies to the introduction of new systems, through the drafting of specifications, project management, software application recipe...


QUALISYS Consulting eis able to mobilize a multi-skilled team of consultants to answer as best as possible the requirements of your sector and your expectations.


Administration And Public Sector

In Africa, the public sector is undergoing a transformation and is now closer to the citizen to provide a quality service, allow easy and online access to information, optimize citizen initiatives, simplify internal and external procedures, these goals are now allowed by information processing technologies. QUALISYS helps you to meet these challenges while optimizing costs as the public sector information systems objective.

International Institutions

QUALISYS Consulting supports the modernization of international public services. International administrations and organizations are facing a major challenge: improve service delivery to citizens with more transparency and efficiency.

NGO / Programs - Development Projects

NGOs and development programs are at the heart of the development of the African continent and are now closer to the target populations to provide a quality service. Allow easy and online access to information, optimize and modernize internal and external procedures, these objectives are now allowed by information processing technologies. Meeting these challenges while adopting a results-based management (trend among all donors) is a priority.

Banking And Finance

QUALISYS Consulting helps transfer banking and finance information systems.

In these times of globalization, financial institutions are required to adaptability in many niches related to sector concentration, increasingly strong customer volatility and technological advances.

Insurance - Retirement

QUALISYS Consulting helps IT transformation projects in Insurances, Mutuals, Provident institutions and Pension funds.

Micro Finance

Information Systems (IS) Technology allows micro finance institutions (MFIs) to ensure monitoring, analysis and reporting of their operations. Over the last 5 to 10 years, microfinance institutions (MFIs) are becoming more and more careful about their management information system (MIS). QUALISYS Consulting helps you to prioritize IT projects ensuring a rapid Return On Investment, consistent with the strategy of your business.

Industries / SMES

QUALISYS Consulting est un partenaire privilégié d’un secteur industriel Africain en pleine mutation.

Nos missions sont essentiellement axées sur le développement de vos SI (Processus industrielles, Aide à la décision, …) et le conseil technologique, destinées à améliorer vos performances, l’accompagnement de vos projets de transformation et votre productivité.

Telecommunications / IT Services

The ICT sector has undergone a radical change over the last ten years: the traditional business of the operator which was to provide telecommunications infrastructure has evolved into a service providers business. This change was made due to technological innovations such as the arrival of service platforms or the advent of service center. These innovations made it possible to add value but also contributed to significantly complicate systems. QUALISYS Consulting helps you to better govern your information system by control of your project portfolio and adoption of IT repositories lined up with your strategy.


QUALISYS Consulting helps health sector companies to transform their information system by optimizing and automating processes.

Transport And Logistics

QUALISYS Consulting helps you build and transform your Information Systems in relation to your business.

We can also develop skills in the transport sector, mainly among actors of rail transport, land transport and air transport.


The sector of services to businesses and individuals is one of the most dynamic of modern economy, and the implementing prospects of effective information systems in these businesses are numerous.

QUALISYS Consulting helps you to manage and leverage your IT.


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