QUALISYS E-Learning Services



qualisys e learning services

QUALISYS’s comprehensive e-learning offer includes an expansive selection of standard e-learning modules, as well as customized e-learning solutions created in partnership with you.


Off-the-shelf e-learning

Choose from our catalogue of qualifying and certifying modules, available in French and English and designed to provide straightforward instruction at your own pace.


Customized e-learning

we work with you to customize an e-learning program to your specific needs. Using our multiple years of experience from successful e-learning projects delivered in all sectors, we ensure the solution achieves its objectives.

Our customized solutions integrate a variety of e-learning tools through an effective multi-user technical platform. Our solutions cover everything from content creation to individual learning evaluations, mobilizing the expertise of project managers, educational experts, illustrators, graphic designers and integrators. Blended learning offers the best of both worlds, bringing together e-learning modules that perfectly complement face-to-face learning.


Benefits of e-learning

Our e-learning solutions provide a host of benefits to your organization:

  • Reduced costs - no need for travel, lodging, and meals
  • Time efficiency with less travel and time spent away from the office
  • Consistent delivery to ensure everyone in your organization receives exactly the same training
  • Tracking and reporting to provide managers and HR with proof of successful completion, information on individual usage, and scores
  • Automated recording and grading


and to your learners:

  • On-demand availability allowing users to complete training at their convenience, during off-hours or even from home
  • Self-pacing to reduce stress and increase
  • Interactive design to engage users, with realistic and interactive learning tools
  • Access to refresher and quick reference materials to reduce the burden of responsibility to master skills immediately


Cutting-edge technology for optimal e-learning

We put the latest learning technology to work to deliver optimal e-learning solutions.

For our project management training, we use world-class STS products, including project-simulator tools such as SimulTrain. Translated into multiple languages, STS products are used in over 60 countries, contributing to the training of more than 150,000 project managers to date.

We also employ a user-friendly, cutting-edge Learning Content Management System (LCMS), enabling powerful and reliable course content creation, broadcasting and administration.