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At QUALISYS Consulting, we provide our clients with qualified resources who provide practical information on IT-related risks and issue recommendations that contribute to improving effectiveness, efficiency and governance.
Our risk auditing and consulting services can help you protect your organization's information systems, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and provide insights to leverage IT controls to reduce your costs. and gain a competitive advantage. 

Discover below our main services in this area:

Our service uses resources that provide the appropriate technical skills, experience and flexibility to meet the demands of a complex IT environment, with constantly changing business conditions and compliance with laws and regulations.
The main benefits are: Improved IS governance and risk management through qualified, certified and experienced expert auditors with global experience; Sharp visibility of IS-related issues with senior management of companies, IT management, the board of directors and the audit committee; 360° visibility of the state of your system and well-defined framework of recommendations.

Our IS audit service includes the following services :

CO_ARS1.1Organizational Audit
CO_ARS1.2Logical Audit (Process, Application, Data)
CO_ARS1.3Physical Audit (Infrastructures, Equipment)
CO_ARS1.4Information System Global Audit
CO_ARS1.5Information Security Audit
CO_ARS1.6IS/IT Projects Review

Our teams help organizations assess the effectiveness and efficiency of their cybersecurity and resilience programs in the context of business growth and operational strategies. Our offerings apply consistently regardless of where they are applied (Information Technology, Internet of Things, Operational Technology, Cloud, etc.), provide a clear measure of risk, and capture current risk for organization, and demonstrate how cyber risks will be managed in the future.

Our IS audit service includes the following services :

  • Provide a clear picture of current cyber risk posture and capabilities, helping organizations understand how, where and why to invest in cyber risk management ; 
  • Contribute to the implementation and execution of a comprehensive cyber strategy and program enabling rigorous and structured decision-making and financial analysis of cyber risks; 
  • Help organizations achieve and maintain regulatory compliance requirements through a well-designed and executed cyber function; 
  • Help create a more risk-aware culture through education and awareness to reduce the impact of human behaviour; 
  • Leverage a program that is resilient to evolving cyber threats and digital business strategies.

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_ARS2.1Assistance In Mapping IT and Digital Risks
CO_ARS2.2Cybersecurity Risks Quantification
CO_ARS2.3Technical Security Controls Review
CO_ARS2.4Data Protection and Privacy
CO_ARS2.5Identity and Access Management
CO_ARS2.6Cybersecurity Risk Management Third-Party Review
CO_ARS2.7Scenario-Based Cyber-Exercises

Our security consulting services give our clients insight into their security management through assessments of your sensitive data, critical infrastructure and applications. We work with our client to define and implement the right strategy, target operating model and GRC structure (governance, risk, compliance).
We ensure that security design and operations support your strategic objectives and business continuity. By planning ahead for a cyber security strategy as part of your digital transformation, you'll be in a better position to stay compliant and save money.

The main advantages are as follows: 
    -    Contribute to increasing risk control through services based on market standards and          benchmarks (ISO, PCI, CoBIT , ISF, etc.);
    -    A clear and proven strategy for managing and securing information; etc…

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_ARS3.1Cybersecurity Strategy and Master Plan Development
CO_ARS3.2Information/It Security Governance Development
CO_ARS3.3Security Policy, Procedures and Guidelines Development and Management
CO_ARS3.4Security Standards and Frameworks Compliance (PCI DSS)
CO_ARS3.5Security Assessment and Threat Management
CO_ARS3.6Strategy and Framework For The Protection Of Privacy and Personal Data Development
CO_ARS3.7Security Operating Center (SOC) Strategy and Framework Development
CO_ARS3.8Incident and Emergency Response Framework (CERT) Development
CO_ARS3.9Security Management / Cybersecurity Solutions Implementation Assistance

Surviving a crisis and ensuring the sustainability of operations is a key strategic business objective and a fundamental requirement for any organization. Our services help organizations implement business continuity management programs that protect the interests of their key stakeholders, managing to build their resilience and ability to respond effectively to potential impacts that may threaten the organization.

The main benefits are :
-  Minimize the effects of service interruptions;
-  Effectively plan risk management and reduction based on international standards and industry best practices ;
-  Reduce financial cost risk;
-  Better preparation for disaster response, thus ensuring security.

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_ARS4.1Business Continuity Development
CO_ARS4.2Disaster Recovery Planning Development
CO_ARS4.3Crisis Management Planning Development
CO_ARS4.4Methodology and Framework For Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Development