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QUALISYS Consulting offers its customers Engineering and Training Consulting services, booming activities that aim to optimize the training activity (Analysis, design, implementation and evaluation) and thus make the investment in training profitable.

Several missions are offered to our clients, including:

Audit of training systems
A training systems audit is a process of systematic and thorough evaluation of the key components of a training system with the aim of ensuring its effectiveness, efficiency and compliance. This is essential for organizations which are looking to ensure that their investment in training is used well and contributes to improve individual and organizational performance. 

QUALISYS Consulting through a rigorous process of evaluating and improving your organization's training system, aims to ensure that training meets your needs. It ensures that it is implemented effectively and efficiently, and that it contributes to the achievement of strategic objectives.

Analysis of workstations and development of job descriptions 
The analysis of workstations and the development of job descriptions are key processes in the management of an organization's human resources. They aim to describe in detail the responsibilities, tasks, skills and requirements of a specific position within the organization. . QUALISYS Consulting studies and breaks down the different elements that make up a workstation within your organization and once the workstation analysis is carried out, the information collected is used to create detailed job descriptions. These sheets describe the main characteristics of a specific position. They usually include things like job title, summary of responsibilities, main duties, required skills, qualifications, specific requirements and working conditions.

Development of competency frameworks
The development of competency frameworks is a process of creating and defining a clear and structured framework that describes the skills required to occupy a position or perform a specific function within an organization. The competency frameworks serve as a reference to assess, develop and align the skills of individuals with the needs of the organization. QUALISYS Consulting accompanies you in the development of skills repositories which is an important process for defining and structuring the skills necessary in an organization. They provide a solid foundation for recruitment, skills development, performance appraisal and career management.

Development of training plans​
The development of training plans is a process of designing and organizing training programs with the intention to develop the skills and knowledge of employees within an organization. These training plans are based on identified skills development needs, both individually and collectively. It is important to emphasize that the development of training plans must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization and take into account the specific needs and constraints of learners.   QUALISYS Consulting assures you that a continuous approach to evaluation, revision and adaptation of training plans is essential to guarantee their relevance and effectiveness in the development of employee skills.

Assistance in the drafting of specifications relating to training and monitoring of the progress of the training​
They are key activities in the management and coordination of training initiatives within an organization. By providing assistance in the drafting of training specifications and by carefully monitoring the course of the training, , QUALISYS Consulting guarantees that the training initiatives will be aligned with the needs of the organization, that they will respect the standards of quality and that they will contribute effectively to the development of employees' skills.

Assistance in the implementation of an internal LMS (Learning Management System) solution 
QUALISYS Consulting supports organizations in deploying and configuring a Learning Management System for online training. By offering comprehensive assistance in setting up an internal LMS, QUALISYS Consulting helps organizations to implement an effective Learning Management System tailored to their specific needs. This improves the management of online training, facilitates access to learning, tracks learner progress and provides relevant reports on training results.