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Our approach 

We offer you an agile and intelligent infrastructure service that helps you not only to adapt quickly to change, but also to innovate and adopt new business models.
Whether you're going public cloud or taking a hybrid approach, we'll work with you to develop an IT infrastructure that meets your needs. We can help you design and implement a cloud infrastructure that will allow you to realize your vision and achieve unprecedented performance.
Our services span strategy, service management, network transformation and workplace solutions, and more.

Our services 

Infrastructure management includes the planning, delivery and operation of IT assets, networks, projects and resources in organizations to ensure a sustainable, resilient and equitable future. IT infrastructure management primarily involves the administration and management of critical IT components in order to effectively use information, data and technology. Infrastructure is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. They play an essential role in preserving natural resources and reducing the effects of climate change.

 Our Managed Services Services cover the following offerings:

TC_IMS 1.1Managed campus networks

Our Managed Campus Networks service accelerates technology and operations transformation through automation. We provide the best digital experience for employees, customers and things connected to your campus network.
Our experts will help you design, optimize, implement and manage your campus network;
TC_IMS 1.2Network consulting services  

Our network capability offers expert networking, Connected infrastructures and cloud. From enterprise availability, security and compliance, infrastructure lifecycle management and comprehensive automation to analytics in wired and wireless domains.
TC_IMS 1.3

Cloud computing infrastructure

Cloud management allows companies to manage their cloud infrastructure and applications. The objectives of cloud management are:

  •  Monitor cloud and application performance
  • Identify potential problems before they become major problems..
  • Manage software and hardware updates 
  • Manage cloud and application security 
  • Create a custom cloud solution designed and implemented specifically to meet your needs
  • Determine your company's cloud readiness with in-depth assessments from the leading cloud consulting firm. 
  • Stay on track with a cloud adoption roadmap that includes every phase of implementation
  • Customize your solution with a partial or complete migration to the cloud environment 
  •  Protect your cloud system data with an advanced cybersecurity and disaster recovery service.
TC_IMS 1.4Security Infrastructure Management Service 

 Our Security Infrastructure Management Service Reduce risk with service adaptive networks that are secure by design and with built-in, integrated security as part of the network function.
TC_IMS 1.5Service infrastructure management  

The expertise of our teams allows us to design innovative solutions for IT infrastructures, networks & communications, user environments, etc. Examples include managing installation and maintenance projects for data centers, computer systems and printers as well as cyber security.
TC_IMS 1.6

Collaboration Management and Digital Workplace : Improve productivity and collaboration. 

Our approach helps eliminate bottlenecks to increase your organization's productivity and efficiency. The objectives of the collaboration and communication services are:

  • Improve communication between employees.
  • Improve collaboration between employees. 
  • Improve employee productivity. .
  • Reduce business travel costs 
CO_BTR1.7 TC_IMS 1.7

Security Operations Centre : Preparedness, Planning and Prevention

Preparation, planning and prevention
Our team of experts analyzes flows, establishes rules, identifies exceptions, improves threat detection, response and prevention capabilities and monitors your organization for new vulnerabilities by unifying and coordinating all cybersecurity technologies and operations 

  • Provides an in-depth assessment and identifies gaps in your cybersecurity operations and incident response program
  •  Determines your organization's current maturity level and provides guidance for achieving the desired future state of security operations.
  •  Provides a detailed, prioritized plan to reduce your organizational security risk with impactful operations improvements
TC_IMS 1.8Network Operations Center  : Detect, diagnose and correct

Our highly functional services on NOC keeps your network, infrastructure and applications running smoothly. It can quickly notify affected users of a problem, allowing them to focus their attention on other tasks without wasting time.

TC_IMS 1.9           Service Operation Center: Proactive monitoring, availability and                                               technical support 

                               Our experts provide reliable management of your critical IT                                                      infrastructure, ensuring system availability, efficiency and security for                                      your organization. With our SOC solution, you benefit from an intuitive,                                  proactive, intelligent and automated platform. This solution helps you                                      manage the customer experience by examining the performance of                                          services and applications.  

Managed services are IT services for companies that allow the delegation of tasks to an expert in order to reduce costs, improve service quality or free up employee time. This is the outsourcing of functions computer from a third-party service provider or a managed service provider (MSP). Managed Service Providers _ can help companies realize the internal efficiencies associated with outsourcing  

 Our Managed Services Services cover the following offerings: 


Technical support   

The objectives of the technical support team are:

  •  Receive user requests following malfunctions 
  • Take user calls into account 
  • Record reported incidents or operating anomalies
  • Process or trigger the corresponding support actions
  • Track the handling of user calls
  • Know how to prioritize interventions 
  • Have a technical background on the functions of the company  
  • Ensure the smooth running of the company and support the operational teams on a daily basis  
Public, private and hybrid cloud services  

Public, private, and hybrid cloud services allow businesses to reap the benefits of cloud technology without having to manage infrastructure. The benefits of public cloud services include flexibility, scalability, and cost reduction. Private cloud services are often used by businesses that need more control over their IT infrastructure. Hybrid cloud services combine the benefits of public and private cloud services.

Network and infrastructure monitoring 

Network and infrastructure management allows businesses to monitor and manage their network and IT infrastructure. The objectives of network and infrastructure management are to :

  • Monitor network and infrastructure performance 
  • Identify potential problems before they become major problems..
  • Manage software and hardware updates
  • Manage network and infrastructure security  
  • Ensure network and infrastructure availability.

Backups and data protection 

 Backing up and protecting data is essential for businesses. The purposes of data backup and protection are to:

  •  Protect data against loss and damage 
  •  Ensure data availability 
  • Ensure data confidentiality  
  • Ensure data integrity.