Services Bancaires et Services Financiers
QUALISYS Consulting supports the transformation of banking and financial information systems. 
We offer specialized services in banking and financial services. We understand the crucial importance of the financial sector in the economy and we work with our clients to help them meet the challenges and seize the opportunities in this area.
In the field of banking and financial services, we offer a range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. This may include consulting services in financial management, strategic planning, risk management, business process improvement and regulatory compliance.
We work closely with financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, asset management companies and companies in the sector to help them develop growth strategies, optimize their operations, improve their efficiency and meet ever-changing regulatory requirements. .
We also offer digital transformation services in the financial sector, helping our clients adopt cutting-edge technologies, set up integrated management systems, improve their customer experience and develop innovative products and services.
At QUALISYS Consulting, we are committed to providing high quality services, based on our in-depth expertise and our knowledge of best practices in the financial sector. Our goal is to help our clients strengthen their competitiveness, optimize their financial performance and comply with regulatory standards, while providing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. 

Discover below our main areas of expertise in this sector:

In the era of globalization, financial institutions must demonstrate great adaptability in many niches in relation to the concentration of the sector, the increasingly volatile nature of their customers and technological advances.
Our teams act as auditors or consultants for all banking players and cover all of their businesses. We participate in various professional bodies and regulatory authorities.

QUALISYS Consulting supports players in the insurance sector on their specific issues.
Companies in the insurance sector (international and French groups, mutuals and provident institutions) have adapted their strategic plans to meet new challenges such as risk management, capital optimization or product innovation and distribution channels.
Our specialized department has more than a hundred professionals, including around twenty actuaries working exclusively with insurance players Involved in market bodies and think tanks at national, European and international level.
Our professionals are able to anticipate the impact of developments in the sector on your organization. They support you in all aspects resulting from regulatory change.

Les SMEs rely on guarantee funds to ensure their growth. A guarantee fund is an organization that provides security for a business start-up or takeover loan. In the event of default on your part, this organization will cover your repayment deadlines with the bank and will then turn to you. 

QUALISYS Consulting supports guarantee funds in improving their operational process

Fintech, a combination of Technology and Finance, is a key value creation factor Innovative and disruptive, Fintech is redefining the contours of finance in the world and accelerating the transformation of the financial industry. 
A major player in the Fintech ecosystem, QUALISYS Consulting supports all players in their innovation, transformation and operational model development projects. 
QUALISYS Consu​lting thus covers all trades in the sector: neobanks, payment services, investment and financing services, insurtech, regtech and blockchain.

Information systems (IS) technology allows microfinance institutions (MFIs) to monitor, analyze and report on their operations. Over the past 5 to 10 years, microfinance institutions (MFIs) have paid increasing attention to their management information systems (MIS). QUALISYS Consulting helps you prioritize GIS projects by ensuring a rapid return on investment, consistent with your company's strategy.
Our banking-specific expertise : En Using new technologies, we help banks and payment service providers take bold transformational steps that set the business up for future success.
Payments : Support innovation in payment services to help banks, service providers and other players implement a winning strategy. 

Core Banking : Driving transformation to mitigate risk, generate growth and reap
sustainable benefits.
Credit : Helping credit organizations turn disruptive change into lasting success.
Risk: Enable banks to manage complexity and volatility, while creating sustainable competitive advantage.
Technology Support : Plan, develop and orchestrate technology solutions in a digital world.
Customer experience and growth : Enabling banks to seize the opportunities
offered by the digital revolution.


Central banks are responsible for administering the monetary policy of a country or group of countries, and for providing the necessary financial means to commercial or investment banks.
QUALISYS Consulting supports central banks in controlling all of their payment chains.

At QUALISYS Consulting, our goal is to help our clients achieve their financial goals and thrive in a complex and ever-changing financial environment. 
We integrate digital into financial services to improve efficiency, transparency and
accessibility. We use digital technologies to provide personalized advice, manage assets, facilitate transactions and ensure regulatory compliance. We aim to help our customers so that they can leverage the benefits of digital in their financial activities while ensuring data security and privacy.