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We help you take advantage of digital transformation initiatives and technology investments and we bring together the necessary skills to digitize your processes, as well as knowledge in IT and digital strategy, requirements management and IS design , sourcing , and IT operations management.

Our services in Digital Transformation and IT help you: 
    -    Recognize the need to better align IT with the needs and strategic directions of the                             organization; 
    -    Achieve a well-managed portfolio of IT/digital initiatives; 
    -    Achieve business profits in a timely manner;
    -    Establish a clear roadmap for technology evolution and improvement, following new                         technology trends and market best practices, meeting business needs and rationalizing IT             investments.

Discover below our main services in this area:

Nowadays, customers have ever-changing needs and expectations, new technologies are rapidly changing the pace 
in the sector and the acceleration of competitive dynamics, the need to digitize to ensure the longevity of a company is obvious. Our SME rely on these external pressures to offer a set of services to help our clients transform quickly while achieving their predefined goals.

Our service has an impact on 4 key areas (pillars) for organizational transformation: Strategy and vision, People and Culture, Process and Governance and Technology and Capabilities.
The main advantages of our support are: Increased flexibility and responsiveness of information technologies; Reduction of operating costs; Reduction of risks, improvement of governance and compliance and ; Increased control over service providers IT.

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_DIT1.1Digital Transformation Governance, strategy and roadmap
CO_DIT1.2Digital transformation maturity assessment
CO_DIT1.3Digital Architecture Definition
CO_DIT1.4Digital Technology strategies Development (Enterprise Solutions Strategy, Cloud Strategy, Mobility Strategy, IoT Strategy , Blockchain Strategy, Micro-Services, Infrastructure Strategy, Cybersecurity Strategy)
CO_DIT1.5Customer / User Experience Management Strategy
CO_DIT1.6Digital Transformation Projects Portfolio Monitoring and Insurance
CO_DIT1.7Digital Transformation performance analysis and management

Our IT governance services are based on the principles and guidelines of CobiT and related frameworks, and aim to help IT leadership embed and institutionalize IT management best practices to ensure that IT supports business objectives. the company.

The main benefits of our service are : 

  • Help identify critical business issues ;
  • Gain an overview of methods to better manage actors internal and external challenges; streamline is investments. 

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_DIT2.1IS strategy Development
CO_DIT2.2IS Master Plan and digital master plan Development
CO_DIT2.3IS governance and compliance assessment
CO_DIT2.4IS governance framework Implementation
CO_DIT2.5IT/IS performance management
CO_DIT2.6Green IT strategy and planning
CO_DIT2.7IS governance solutions Implementation Assistance

Our ITSM service involves close consultation to critically examine your IT operations and processes.
We evaluate your current IS service and support capabilities, your business environment to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, including quick wins and thus define a reference point of your current situation, identify areas that need improvement the most and further achieve your management goals and objectives.

The main advantages of our service are: 

  • Better understand business needs and strategic alignment;
  • Reproducible and evolving processes with well-defined roles and responsibilities defined ;
  • Increased IT efficiency and productivity that satisfy end users with realistic expectations ; 

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_DIT3.1IT Service Management Maturity Assessment
CO_DIT3.2IT/IS service management reference framework (ITIL, CMMI for Service, eTOM , …) Implementation
CO_DIT3.3IT/IS Policies, Processes, Procedures and Guides Development
CO_DIT3.4Service Management Architecture and Reference (SOA)
CO_DIT3.5Services portfolio design
CO_DIT3.6Service Operation Center Design and implementation
CO_DIT3.7ITSM Solutions Implementation Assistance

Business Analysis (Business Analysis ) and Project Management Assistance (AMOA) IS is the foundation of good design, good planning and good alignment between IT requirements and business requirements. When the understanding of business needs is lacking, it is nearly impossible to craft an appropriate solution.
We help you implement a new business solution or improve an existing one, in order to run your business efficiently

The main advantages of our service are:

  • A simple and repeatable approach to success;
  • Approved Methods and Frameworks (BABOK);
  • Providing end-to-end understanding of management processes and data; 

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_DIT4.1Business Analysis Maturity Assessment
CO_DIT4.2Business Analysis Methodology and Reference Framework Development
CO_DIT4.3SI/IT Opportunity Study
CO_DIT4.4Requirements Engineering (Selection, Analysis, Monitoring, Validation)
CO_DIT4.5Business Processes Identification and Analysis
CO_DIT4.6IS/IT Systems/Solutions Identification, Analysis and Specification
CO_DIT4.7Business Data Analysis and Harmonization
CO_DIT4.8IT Infrastructures Supporting An IS (Data Center, Network, Etc.) Analysis and Specification
CO_DIT4.9RFP Preparation and Evaluation
CO_DIT4.9IS Solutions and IT Infrastructures Quality Assurance, Testing and Validation

At QUALISYS Consulting, we understand the technology challenges organizations face – from technology strategy to application streamlining – keeping in mind business goals to deliver real business value through IT efficiency
The QUALISYS virtual CIO service provides your company with a senior executive who acts as CIO and ICT advisor for your company.

Our service allows you to : 

  • Leave the ICT responsibilities and focus on the operational ;
  • Get the CIO skills you need quickly ;
  • Benefit from years of ICT experience in diverse environments;
  • Better organize your function and your IS services.

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_DIT5.1IS Strategy, Roadmap and Dashboard
CO_DIT5.2IS Security (Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and IS Compliance)
CO_DIT5.3HR, Partners and IS Service Providers Acquisition and Management Assistance
CO_DIT5.4Service Management (Help Desk Support (Helpdesk), Escalation and Problem Resolution)
CO_DIT5.5IT and IS Solutions Acquisitions and Implementation Assistance
CO_DIT5.6IT / IS Projects Quality Control