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Our approach

With our EAS offerings, our innovation-driven approach helps you reinvent your enterprise application portfolio, tapping into emerging technologies and building with speed and agility to meet today's business needs. and tomorrow.
From new application development, through modernization, management and maintenance, we cover all stages of the application lifecycle.
We combine leading platforms with our AI, innovation and industry capabilities to drive transformation at scale, built around these platforms

Discover below our main services in this area: 

Application development services aim to offer innovative and agile solutions to meet the software development needs of businesses. Agility enables the continuous delivery of working software built on the basis of rapid iterations1. Innovation and agility are now recognized as performance factors in the broad sense of the term and essential for the development of SMEs.

TC_ASP1.1Application modernization: Future-aligned transformation.

Modernize your applications and reduce operational costs by developing a Cloud-First, Mobile-First model. To simplify and amplify your application portfolio.
TC_ASP1.2Automation: Let your business evolve with intelligent automation solutions.

Our innovation-driven, enterprise-wide approach enables us to embed self-optimizing processes into all areas of your business, helping you meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. tomorrow.
TC_ASP1.3Architecture : Building IT together for a holistic, solution-focused and unique experience. 

Qualisys Consulting helps you create a tailored plan for your IT infrastructure based on your vision, principles, standards and business goals. The plan helps us integrate new features into your digital architecture and ease the cloud migration process. Contact us, and we'll help you integrate innovation into your digital transformation.
TC_ASP1.4Software engineering : Building dream software solutions, one company at a time. 

Our software customizations allow organizations to meet their specific challenges cost-effectively and hassle-free. At QUALISYS, we have seasoned software engineers, architects and developers who are committed to integrating cutting-edge technology solutions that enable your business to adapt to this disruptive digital landscape.
TC_ASP1.5Mobile Application Developer : Develop once and run anywhere.

Our cross-platform mobile apps can run on multiple operating systems. Building cross-platform mobile apps involves using tools and frameworks to develop apps that can work on both iOS and Android devices, as well as other platforms. At QUALISYS, we ensure that the app works consistently across all platforms and provides a good user experience. Although it has not yet replaced native applications created by coding, cross-platform development is profitable.
TC_ASP1.6DevOps: Optimize, automate and scale with our comprehensive DevOps services.
In a rapidly changing work environment, implementing DevOps can help your business deliver fast, seamless, and quality applications that can dramatically increase your business agility. Tools & Solutions supports you throughout the life cycle of a DevOps process. From strategy to implementation: we help you analyze, choose a solution, execute and provide solid service support afterwards.
TC_ASP1.7Assurance qualité: Stay 100% confident with bug-free software applications at all times. 

Your applications should be tested repeatedly by industry experts to realize the full potential of a digitally optimized infrastructure. Our quality assurance and testing services bring agility, quality and improved performance to your software applications. We are capable of ensuring that your app works to provide a hassle-free user experience.

By partnering with innovative leaders and using open standards, we are building a digital future.

Intelligent platforms and solutions
aim to accelerate the growth of companies by combining intelligent platforms and human ingenuity, and to increase the expertise of employees. They create tangible value through their expertise and unleash the power of data and technology¹. Online platforms centralize all the services and tools needed to carry out a project and represent a significant competitive advantage². The engineering platform enhances developer experience and productivity through self-service capabilities.

TC_ASP2.1Government resource planing : Provide a unified, secure and fully integrated suite of systems: GRP.

Our suites are used by different government departments such as: financial management, human resources management, payroll management, supply chain management, logistics and asset management. In addition to performing basic back-office functionality, our GRP systems can also increase the Return on Citizenship (ROC) of the individual citizen. ROC can be defined as “the value of services that a citizen estimates to receive from a public entity in exchange for his tax”.
TC_ASP2.2Government Content Management System : Build a tool that manages the creation and storage of digital content by a government organization.

Our government CMS provides benefits such as an organization system for a government information asset allowing people across the agency to update government documents, mails and records regularly. Using QUALISYS solutions helps you easily manage all aspects of your government information assets.
TC_ASP2.3Government Collaboration Management System : Provide your employees with the secure collaboration tools they need, whether in the office or in the field.

We provide a more secure and collaborative workplace. Help protect critical information where it resides or travels and ensure regulatory compliance for agencies with effective case management software. Increase worker mobility and accessibility with collaboration systems so employees can stay better connected. Enable inter-agency collaboration and coordination for better productivity
TC_ASP2.4Electronic services and government portals : Provide a unified, secure and fully integrated electronic services portal.

Our portal provides access to products relating to different fields: Health, Education, Transport, Environment, Social Services, Sport, Arts & Culture, Agriculture & Territory, Legal & Defense, Employment & Labour, Citizenship & Immigration, Money and taxation, Housing & local services, Commercial and economic activity, etc. Our online service systems can also increase the Citizen's Return on Citizenship (ROC)
TC_ASP2.5Customs solutions and e-Services : We provide a one-stop smart customs tool interface for customers to provide and receive information needed to clear goods. 

Our solutions are designed to help navigate the complexities of business processes, minimize risk, increase revenue and reduce fraud across the business spectrum. Reduction of government administrative and logistical procedures, Available through multiple channels, including online payment, Reduction of on-site presence to obtain the release of goods, Electronically linking customs clearance agencies to facilitate data exchange and the flow of work of requests, Reduction of administrative costs.
TC_ASP2.6SME Resource Planning : Enables business process automation for small and medium businesses

Our SME solution streamlines business functions by integrating a suite of applications for activities such as finance, HR, professional services and e-commerce, customer relationship management and procurement, and can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud. it provides real-time visibility into your business and supports its growth. it provides a centralized database for data accuracy and better decision making
TC_ASP2.7Integrated Guarantee Management Information System : A secure and easy-to-use solution to simplify guarantees, increase efficiency, reduce the risk.

Our solution streamlines business functions by integrating a suite of modules such as target market plan module, CRM module and Guarantee originator module, Guarantee servicing module, risk engine tool, the capacity development module, the monitoring and evaluation module, the collaboration module. Management of several types of guarantees: Individual Loan Guarantee, Loan Portfolio Guarantee, Bank Fund Collection Guarantee, Equity Guarantee, Capacity Development. It provides a centralized database for data accuracy and better decision making.
TC_ASP2.8Document management and Records Management system : A secure document management system that provides storage, versioning, metadata, and indexing and retrieval capabilities.

Document acquisition, powerful search with multilingual OCR, workflow and automated retention, Digital signature integrations, metadata and file linking, collaborations, notifications and audit trails. Our document management system is used to capture, track and store electronic documents such as PDF files, word processing files and digital images of paper content.
TC_ASP2.9E-learning system : Powerful online e-learning management system.

We provide a cohesive online e-learning platform or software that offers teachers, managers, trainers and learners a set of interactive features to help with e-learning management, delivery and upon receipt of the learning content.
TC_ASP2.10Integrated e-Health Management System : Hospital management system that works for you.

Our solution is a modern healthcare software that manages all the operational challenges and activities carried out in medical services. It intelligently automates clinical workflow, providing electronic prescriptions, collecting patient information, medical reports, discharge summary, invoice and billing, etc.
TC_ASP2.11IT Service Management : Improve the quality of IT service

Our ITIL-compliant IT Services Management software enables faster ticket resolution and improved IT service availability to establish a more organized IT department.
TC_ASP2.12Business Process Management System: Design, execute, analyze and continually improve an organization's processes in a goal-oriented manner

Our strategy is to define, execute, analyze and continuously improve the processes of organizations to produce goods and services. By streamlining processes and eliminating bottlenecks, organizations can reduce costs and improve the quality of their products and services.
TC_ASP2.13Business intelligence : Integrate the best reporting engines from different vendors under a single user interface. Always choose the right tool for your current task.

Our solutions are designed to help executives, data analysts, team leaders, managers, and professionals collect, analyze, visualize, and report on various functions within a business and apply those findings to their respective industries
TC_ASP2.14Robotic Process Automation : We can automate anything a real user can do.

Robotic Process Automation for everyone without the high costs, complete and reliable Windows UI automation for any software or business process, respond to external events See the screen and make decisions Automate the web and desktop Integrate legacy desktop applications with modern API-driven cloud-based environments Improve efficiency Eliminate duplication and reduce operating costs.
TC_ASP2.15GIS : We build a spatial system that creates, manages, analyzes and maps all types of data

Our GIS system connects data to a map, integrating location data (where things are) with all types of descriptive information (what things look like there). This provides a foundation for mapping and analysis that is used in science and in almost every industry, helps users understand patterns, relationships and geographic context. Benefits include improved communication and efficiency as well as better management and decision-making.

Complete. Insightful. Value driven : Bringing you data services for sustainable business growth. 

The objective of AI is to give a predictive character to data and to generalize their use on a daily basis and in all sectors of the economy and society: health, work, industry, agriculture, public policies, etc.. The national strategy for artificial intelligence aims to create and make available digital commons for generative AI, such as training and test databases, for training new models. AI and data analytics technologies are far from their full potential. 

TC_ASP3.1Data management : Data governance, architecture and integration - Our data engineers have what you need. 

Exceptional data management is necessary to optimize your business operations. Our team of data scientists are well versed in creating custom data governance policies and frameworks to help you design relevant, efficient and cost-effective digital solutions
TC_ASP3.2Data visualization : We help you imagine the possibilities. 

Using captivating visuals, informative graphics and categorical segmentation, we help you better understand the data, bringing clarity to you and your business stakeholders. Our goal is to help you identify the latest trends, benchmark performance and more with 100% accuracy, allowing you to make quick and effective decisions.
TC_ASP3.3Data quality : Ensure data quality for guaranteed success. 

Our exceptional data experts know that the value of data is zero without credibility. At QUALISYS, we identify and categorize data related to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and weed out the rest through profiling and data cleansing. Our goal is to rectify inconsistencies in your data, recommend quality control practices, and advise the implementation of effective data governance procedures.
TC_ASP3.4AI Solutions : Augment creativity and human effort with AI. 

We integrate AI capabilities into our software to provide you with smarter, automated solutions. From machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), to forecasting and optimization, our AI technologies support diverse environments and scale to meet changing business needs.