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QUALISYS Consulting will help you achieve automated, AI-driven results by working closely with your data, business and IT teams.
In this context, QUALISYS Consulting offers the following services:

Your company's data is one of its most valuable assets. Therefore, creating data management policies, procedures, and processes to ensure that it remains accurate, secure, accessible, and usable for analytical analysis must be a top priority.
Our service offers you complete end-to-end support in managing your company's data. This ranges from a clear understanding of your data to the ability to automate data and generate meaningful insights that aid in the decision-making process, using intelligence-based and machine learning approaches.

The good news is that by partnering with QUALISYS Consulting to take control of your data, you can benefit from:
    - Clear and specific information;
    - Better reporting;
    - Easier decision-making;
    - An improvement in customer service;
    - Increased transparency; etc…

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_DAI1.1Data Management Governance and Strategy Definition
CO_DAI1.2Data Harmonization / Data Architecture Definition Assistance
CO_DAI1.3Data Analysis and Decision Support Assistance
CO_DAI1.4Data Management Or Data Analysis Solutions Implementation Assistance and Support

QUALISYS Consulting has developed a service in Data Science and Analytics to help you harness the power of your data and new intelligent analytics technologies.
We offer a service adapted to the right talents and technologies according to your sector of activity and your objectives. It’s actionable data, analytics and insights that improve performance, resilience and competitive advantage.

The main benefits of our service are: 
    -    Better decision-making, exceptional customer knowledge, increased productivity and          performance; 
    -    Obtain a competitive advantage over peers; 
    -    Ability to predict every customer interaction, every moving part in your supply chain,            and every financial transaction; etc…

Our Services include :

CO_DAI2.1Analytical Strategy Evaluation and Definition
CO_DAI2.2Business Intelligence and Performance
CO_DAI2.3Predictive Analytics & Forecasting (Paf) Plan
CO_DAI2.4Process & Decision Automation Assistance ( Pda)
CO_DAI2.5Big Data Advice / Assistance Design and Management
CO_DAI2.6Data Analysis and Management Solutions Implementation Assistance and Support

We offer a wide range of services to help customers accelerate the adoption and optimization of their AI initiatives. Our services range from initial strategy and planning to technical architecture, solution implementation, data engineering and process design. We take a phased approach to project-based engagements, with each phase typically lasting two to four months. Clients receive a carefully framed set of deliverables at the end of each phase.
Our solutions are enabled by leading technology platforms such as: AWS, Google, Microsoft, Oracle; and steeped in best practices, digital assets, and lessons learned from our own experience leading clients through their analytics and AI transformations.
The benefits of our AI service are: AI enables organizations to gain powerful new insights from their data; Adds value and enables transformation; etc…

Our services include:

CO_DAI3.1Machine Learning Strategy and Support
CO_DAI3.2Deep Learning Strategy and Support
CO_DAI3.3Advanced Analytics
CO_DAI3.4Data Visualization
CO_DAI3.5Artificial Intelligence Solutions Implementation Assistance and Support

In order to support organizations in their transformation project through robotics, QUALISYS Consulting through a team of experts dedicated to optimizing processes through robotics and certified on different robotic technologies, offers the services listed below through "an agile and operational approach".

Its benefits go beyond cost reduction. They bring other benefits to the organization such as: Reducing cycle time and optimizing production rates (3 to 10 times faster; 24/7 operation); Flexibility and scalability: robots can be reassigned, they are able to run several types of processes on different applications throughout the day; etc.

Our Services include:

CO_DAI4.1Robotic Solution Implementation Feasibility Study / Strategy
CO_DAI4.2RPA Solution Implementation Assistance
CO_DAI4.3Robotic Process Management Outsourcing Service

Our automation services integrate analytics with artificial intelligence and industry expertise. Whether it's a chatbot or another solution, we'll help you decide how to apply it, what technologies to use, and how to ensure it's adopted in your business.

Its benefits go beyond cost reduction. They bring other benefits to the organization:                 -    Accelerate performance and activate real value and return on investment;                         -    Streamline business performance and customer experiences; 
      -    Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations; 
      -    Improve your business operations with end-to-end automated processes and a                  digitally augmented workforce; etc…

Its benefits go beyond cost reduction. They bring other benefits to the organization:

  • Accelerate performance and activate real value and return on investment;
  • Streamline business performance and customer experience ;
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations;
  • Improve your business operations with end-to-end automated processes and digitally augmented workforce; etc…

Our Services include :

CO_DAI5.1Intelligent Automation Study
CO_DAI5.2Intelligent Automation Strategy / Consulting
CO_DAI5.3Intelligent Automation Solution Implementation and Assistance
CO_DAI5.4Managed Service / Intelligent Automation Post- Implementation Support
CO_DAI5.5Intelligent Automation Workshop