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We help business leaders visibly improve their short-term performance by strengthening their organization and positioning them to win in the years to come; the objective being a transformation that is targeted, sustainable and capable of producing measurable results.
QUALISYS Consulting enables organizations not only to overcome the complexities of change, but also to surpass tangible results by effectively linking their strategies, plans and processes to their services, their human resources and their tools.

Discover below our main services in this practice:

QUALISYS Consulting takes a participatory approach – working closely with our clients and their staff to improve understanding of the current environment, developing appropriate organizational design and helping to implement it. This approach consists of Identifying or reconfirming the mission, objectives and strategy of the organization; Analyze the external environment, including stakeholders - with a view to the future.
Our services help effect real change towards optimization with a high-level proposition as follows: After the redesign, we provide a range of services including providing the practitioners, frameworks and tools needed to guide the organization in the deployment of change.

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_BTR1.1Annual or multi-year Strategic Plan Development
CO_BTR1.2Operating Model and Business Model Design
CO_BTR1.3Service Management Framework and Development Of Business Services Catalog Implementation
CO_BTR1.4Organizational Restructuring Assistance
CO_BTR1.5Performance Management Framework Implementation
CO_BTR1.6Results-Based Management Framework Implementation
CO_BTR1.7Organizational Change Management
CO_BTR1.8HR Management Framework and Skills Development

Our Enterprise Architecture services ensure that our clients' strategic and operational objectives are achieved through a state-of-the-art technology framework. We perform cross-functional analysis to understand the company's vision and strategy and align our set of solutions with it. Our services enable the development of three key capabilities to help our client translate their strategy into action: Strategic Design, Operational Excellence, Performance Improvement.

The main advantages for our clients are: 
    -    Guarantee business results; Improve agility and flexibility;
    -    Improve compliance and control; Innovate faster;
    -    and Provide cost-effective cutting-edge technology solutions

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_BTR2.1Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment
CO_BTR2.2Enterprise Architecture Capability Development
CO_BTR2.3Enterprise Architecture Governance Framework Development
CO_BTR2.4Business Architecture Development
CO_BTR2.5Application Architecture Development
CO_BTR2.6Data Architecture Development
CO_BTR2.7Infrastructure Architecture Development
CO_BTR2.8Integration / Interoperability Architecture Development
CO_BTR2.9Security Architecture Development
CO_BTR2.10Enterprise Architecture Roadmap and Contents Development
CO_BTR2.11Enterprise Architecture Solution Implementation Assistance

At QUALISYS Consulting, we help organizations regardless of their sector to have a 360-degree view of all their processes, then analyse the current state individually and identify areas for improvement in order to create a more efficient and customer-centric organization.

Companies need to define new business processes to improve operational efficiency while implementing new business models and ensuring compliance with standards and regulations. Our services help drive real change towards optimization with a high-level proposal: A cost-effective and highly efficient operating structure that improves agility and service quality.

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_BTR3.1Definition of Business Process Governance
CO_BTR3.2Business process reengineering
CO_BTR3.3Business process modeling and analysis
CO_BTR3.4Policies and Standard Operating Procedures Development
CO_BTR3.5Business Process Performance Management
CO_BTR3.6Business Process Management Framework Reference and Toolkit Development
CO_BTR3.7Center of Excellence In Business Process Management Establishment
CO_BTR3.8Business Process Management System (BPMS) Implementation Assistance;

Running a business requires the implementation of an appropriate strategy and an effective management system. Whatever the size of your company and your sector of activity, thanks to our experience in the implementation of management systems, we can offer you personalized consulting services, adapted to your concerns in terms of management or certification.
The benefits of an effective management system are significant: more efficient use of resources; better risk management and effective customer satisfaction, as services and products always deliver what they promise.

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_BTR4.1Quality Management System (QMS - ISO 9001) Implementation Assistance
CO_BTR4.2Information Security Management System (ISMS - ISO 27001) set up Assistance
CO_BTR4.3IT Service Management System (SMGSI - ISO 20000) set up Assistance
CO_BTR4.4Continuity Management System / Business Recovery (SMCA - ISO 22301) set up Assistance
CO_BTR4.5IS Governance Framework according to the - ISO 38500 standard or Data Governance according to the ISO 38505 standard set up Assistance
CO_BTR4.6Customer Satisfaction Management Framework according to the standard - ISO 10002 Implementation Assistance
CO_BTR4.7Reference Framework for Project Management according to the ISO 21500 standard Implementation Assistance
CO_BTR4.8Reference Framework for Enterprise Risk Management according to the ISO 31000 standard Implementation Assistance
CO_BTR4.9Management System and Monitoring Tools Implementation Assistance

We offer a complete set of corporate governance services to help companies in their institutionalization process.
Our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) services provide a structured, practical and results-oriented approach that helps organizations design and implement an appropriate ERM system, incorporating the policies, procedures, practices and responsibilities required to establish the right levels of risk management in accordance with corporate governance requirements.

The main advantages of our service are:
    -    A common language, methodology and policy that promotes risk management and            provides an overall risk picture; 
    -    Robust information on risks, taking into account the needs of stakeholders within the          framework of strategic objectives; etc…

Our services in this area include the following:

CO_BTR5.1Corporate Governance Definition
CO_BTR5.2Enterprise Risk Management Framework Establishment
CO_BTR5.3Internal Audit Services Support
CO_BTR5.4Internal Control Systems Analysis and Optimization
CO_BTR5.5Corporate governance and ERM tools Implementation Assistance