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To meet the specific needs of the health sector, we offer support and consulting services
to all its actors.
We rely on an international network of experts to offer personalized services to optimize internal processes, improve operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, develop growth strategies and support transformation digital. Our ultimate goal is to improve health care and the well-being of populations by providing high-level expertise, practical experience and innovative solutions. By working closely with our customers, we seek to create lasting partnerships and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare and life sciences industry. 
We aim to:
Improve the rate of access to care : Access to care is a major challenge due to high costs
and the geographical limitation of health centers, which hinders the ability of populations to benefit from essential health services. This situation is aggravated by the proliferation of illicit practices, such as the sale of illegal drugs and the use of unqualified healers, which pose risks to the health of individuals. Digital offers innovative solutions such as applications for raising awareness of diseases and improving the distribution of care, making it possible to overcome the obstacles linked to high costs and the geographical limitation of health centers, while reducing illicit practices and improving access to essential health services.
Develop innovative initiatives with the support of digital : Technological advances offer innovative solutions in the field of health. Digital applications are developed to raise awareness of diseases such as diabetes, malaria, HIV, pregnancy issues, contraception and epidemics. Moreover, these technologies make it possible to improve the distribution of care in isolated regions, where access to health services is limited. The main objective of these initiatives is to integrate patients throughout the health system, actively engaging them in their own health and promoting more effective care policies. Thanks to these digital solutions, it is possible to improve prevention, disease monitoring, treatment management and promote better communication between healthcare professionals and patients, thus contributing to more holistic and personalized care.

Discover below our main areas of expertise in this sector: 

QUALISYS Consulting supports private and public players in the care sector, by offering consulting, auditing and accounting services adapted to current challenges. We support healthcare institutions in their transformation in response to changes in the healthcare ecosystem, such as regulatory and pricing changes.
In addition, we provide our expertise to institutions, authorities and agencies in the health sector to help them make informed decisions and improve the services offered, promoting the creation of synergies between the different actors. Our specialized teams benefit from a collective experience and rely on a network of experts to meet the specific needs of our customers.

QUALISYS Consulting helps you meet the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. In a changing, unpredictable and accelerating economic environment, four major trends are likely to significantly and lastingly change the pharmaceutical industry.
The socio-demographic remodeling and the intensification of disparities in access to care represent crucial issues for the sector. Some actors, in particular pharmaceutical companies, have key responsibilities in health, science and extending lifespan. Society's expectations are increasingly high, particularly with regard to the pharmaceutical industry. Finally, issues related to digitization and the generalization of the collection and use of health data will be at the heart of the debates, in France and internationally, with practical, legal and ethical issues.
QUALISYS Consulting accompanies its customers in the evolution of the environment of the pharmaceutical industry and helps them to adapt to these evolutions.


QUALISYS Consulting supports players in the health sector to guarantee the quality, safety and accessibility of products. Our goal is to provide reliable expertise and tailormade solutions to improve the management and availability of medicines and medical devices, thus contributing to improving health care and the well-being of populations. 
In a constantly changing environment,, it is crucial to make the right choices to ensure the sustainability of your business. Recent changes in health policy and the emergence of new players in the drug value chain and in the treatment of patients offer multiple opportunities. 
By working closely with our clients, we strive to understand their challenges and goals to provide effective and innovative solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector, combined with our network of experts, enables us to meet the changing needs of the market.