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In the field of technologies, it is essential to have methodological frameworks adapted to the needs and objectives of each project.

Methodological frameworks are sets of principles, practices and tools that guide the conduct and management of a technological project, from its conception to its delivery. They make it possible to structure the development process, to define the roles and responsibilities of the actors, to plan activities and resources, to control quality and risks, and to measure results and customer satisfaction.
Qualisys Consulting is an expert in supporting companies in the choice and implementation of the most suitable methodological frameworks for their technological projects.

Discover our main methodologies below:

Agile approach   

Qualisys Consulting helps you master disruption by leaning management to improve performance and accelerate operational change. Thus, you create a culture of innovation and combine development and operations, fully exploiting the power of modern engineering techniques supported by coaching, consulting and training.

Streamline IT by bringing together business, development and operations teams and automating processes. Application delivery has moved from large-scale, project-based implementation to continuous evolution. DevOps makes this possible by bringing business, development, and operations teams together and applying automated processes to streamline IT.

SOA defines a way to make software components reusable and interoperable through service interfaces. The services use common interface standards and an architectural pattern, so they can be quickly incorporated into new applications. This frees the application developer who previously redeveloped or duplicated existing functionality or needed to know how to connect or interoperate with existing functions.
QUALISYS Consulting
helps you master the development of your applications by reducing the management of its implementation based on an SOA architecture to improve performance and accelerate operational changes.

Open source is a way to access high-performance business tools at a lower cost. In environments with strong operational constraints, the support of one of our specialized consultants helps to choose the most appropriate solutions and accelerates the skills development of the teams.
In the field of IT production, as in many others (CRM, ERP, etc.), open source is a great opportunity to democratize quality business applications. With the free community versions, you have access from the start to powerful tools, developed by the users themselves. QUALISYS Consulting​ can help you structure the adoption of an open source solution on the functional, organizational and technical levels.

The user experience or UX is nowadays a key criterion for any brand wishing to retain and satisfy ever more “volatile” customers. Providing an optimal consumer experience, both offline and online, requires a good understanding of their expectations, needs and habits.
QUALISYS Consulting supports you in the design of your solutions in order to provide your customers with a product focused on their needs.

At QUALISYS, we believe that it is possible to make a difference for people, society and the planet. It is up to us, you, industry leaders and political institutions.
QUALISYS is transformed into a company with a mission with the objective of following the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations to participate in changing the world by having a maximum of positive impacts for Man, Society and the Planet.
Our methodology is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the B Corp certification framework.
We will use B-Corp's SDG Action Manager to set our goals, take action and track our progress.