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Our team dedicated to the public sector operates across the continent thanks to its presence in the 4 corners of the continent. It is made up of several professionals, specialized consultants, sector experts, auditors, former civil servants.
Our teams have developed in-depth sector expertise and can support you in all aspects of your transformation projects (Business, Digital, Agile, Technology and Human Resources). QUALISYS Consulting is able to mobilize a team of versatile consultants to best meet the requirements of your sector and your expectations in terms of transformation.

We have relevant experience mainly in the following sectors: 

  • Business Transformation (Enterprise)
  • Digital Transformation
  • Project Management and Agile Transformation
  • Audit, IT Risk and Security

Discover below our main areas of expertise in this sector: 

The State's overall modernization approach creconciles service quality and cost reduction. The search for performance is at the heart of everyone's concerns, for an efficient and economical State.
Rationalizing expenditure and guaranteeing the continuity, la performance and adaptability of public services, while facilitating the acceptability of reforms by agents, requires innovating and rethinking methods, systems and organisations.
QUALISYS Consulting accompanies you in the implementation of your transformation plans, and helps you identify the most structuring modernization levers, by valuing the initiatives of the agents, as well as innovation.

Aware of these challenges, QUALISYS professionals support local authorities, decentralized state services, agencies and public establishments in their transformation projects and provide them with sectoral expertise based on several years of experience in advising on the local public sector.

​We understand the importance of putting citizens at the heart of public policy and providing them with accessible, efficient and high-quality services.

In the area of citizen services, we offer a range of solutions to help governments and public administrations deliver efficient and citizen-focused public services. This includes designing and improving online services, simplifying administrative processes, digitizing government services and setting up integrated service centers.

We work closely with governments to assess citizens' needs, understand their expectations and design solutions that meet their requirements. We use user-centered design methods to develop services that are user-friendly, intuitive and adapted to different segments of the population.

We also help governments set up citizen relationship management systems, online service platforms and communication channels to facilitate access to public services, collect citizen feedback and improve overall satisfaction. 

Our QUALISYS Consulting, our goal is to contribute to the transformation of public services by focusing on the citizen experience. We are committed to providing high quality services, based on our expertise in service management and our knowledge of best practices in citizen service. Our goal is to create efficient public services that are citizen-centered and focused on meeting the needs of the population.


We understand the challenges businesses face and offer solutions tailored to their specific needs.
Dans le domaine des services aux entreprises, we provide advice on business strategy, product development, marketing, operations management, human resources management and financial management. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and constraints and develop personalized action plans to help them succeed
We also offer digital transformation consulting services, helping companies adopt
cutting-edge technologies, improve their online presence, develop digital solutions and leverage data to improve their operations and competitiveness.
At QUALISYS Consulting, we provide professional training for the development of
employee skills, as well as technical assistance and consulting services to help companies comply with regulations, obtain certifications and manage risks.

At QUALISYS Consulting, our goal is to help our clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape and comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to providing high quality services, based on our regulatory expertise and knowledge of compliance best practices. Our goal is to help our clients manage risk, avoid penalties, and ensure ethical and responsible conduct in their business.