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QUALISYS Consulting helps you to build and develop your information systems in relation to your activity.

The global economy
 depends on connectivity – the smooth channels through which people and goods move through the skies, roads, rails, oceans and waterways with speed, safety and efficiency. The growing sophistication and complexity of the travel, logistics and supporting transportation infrastructure sectors have helped fuel global economic growth, but have also revealed vulnerabilities.
We offer a full range of services and solutions. By working closely with governments and industry players, we help create quality infrastructure and improve transport systems.
As a team, we strive to exceed our clients' expectations by providing personalized
services. Through our technical expertise, strong project management and dedication to meeting specific needs, we provide tailored solutions that contribute to sustainable infrastructure and transport development in Africa and across the continent. Our longterm relationships with our customers and partners are built on the quality of our work and our integrity.

We are developing a range of services adapted to your needs in the different market
segments :
  • Transport and Road Infrastructure
  • Transport and Air Infrastructure
  • Transport and Maritime Infrastructure
  • Construction

Discover below our main areas of expertise in this sector:

In the field of Transport and Road Infrastructure, we offer a range of services such as the planning and design of roads and highways, the management of road projects, the optimization of transport networks, the improvement of road safety and the implementation of intelligent transport solutions.
We understand the unique challenges faced by players in the sector, such as the need to manage traffic effectively, improve the efficiency of transport systems and ensure the safety of road users. Through our technical expertise and commitment to excellence, we work closely with our customers to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that meet their specific needs.

QUALISYS Consulting offers specialized expertise to airlines to improve the efficiency of flight operations, optimize performance by identifying opportunities for optimization and cost reduction, develop profitable growth strategies and improve the passenger experience through personalized solutions, the use of new technologies and effective loyalty programs.
As a trusted partner, we have in-depth knowledge of regulations and best practices. Trust QUALISYS Consulting to provide you with sound advice, tailored solutions and tangible results. .

QUALISYS Consulting offers specialized expertise to transport and maritime
infrastructure players to help them optimize their operations and thrive in a complex and competitive environment.
We optimize the management of maritime activities, including route planning, container management and vessel tracking through advanced technologies. We analyze performance to identify opportunities for optimization and cost reduction while maintaining high standards of safety and quality. Additionally, we work with you to develop profitable growth strategies, assess new markets, identify strategic partnerships and optimize your logistics network. Finally, we help you implement effective supply chain management practices, optimizing processes and improving the visibility and traceability of goods.

QUALISYS Consulting offers specialized expertise to construction and public works companies to support them in the realization of their projects and in the management of their activities.
We help you manage your construction projects effectively by implementing proven project management methodologies, ensuring quality control and regulatory compliance, managing potential risks and optimizing your processes to increase productivity and reduce the costs. In addition, we support you in the adoption of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, integrating measures for waste management, energy efficiency and the preservation of natural resources.