QUALISYS Consulting is a company that makes business prosper, grow and endure in a variety of sectors.

Our Business Sectors   

​Our team dedicated to the public sector operates across the continent thanks to its presence in the 4 corners of the continent. It is made up of several professionals, specialized consultants, sector experts, auditors, former civil servants.
Our teams have developed in-depth sector expertise and can support you in all aspects of your transformation projects (Business, Digital, Agile, Technology and Human Resources). QUALISYS Consulting is able to mobilize a team of versatile consultants to best meet the requirements of your sector and your expectations in terms of transformation.

We have relevant experience mainly in the following sectors:

  • Business Transformation (Enterprise)
  • Digital Transformation
  • Project Management and Agile Transformation
  • Audit, IT Risk and Security

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​We put our experience in the following areas at the service of our customer :

  • Business Transformation (Enterprise)
  • Digital Transformation
  • Project Management and Agile Transformation
  • Audit, IT Risk and Security

We offer specialized services in finance and public revenue. We understand the importance of public finances to ensure economic stability and the financing of essential public services
In the area of finance and public revenue, we offer a range of services to help governments and public bodies manage their financial resources effectively and maximize their revenues. This includes budget planning, public debt management, tax policy development, tax and revenue collection, and financial risk assessment and management. We work closely with our clients to understand their financial goals, analyze their financial situation and offer solutions tailored to their needs. We offer advice on short and longterm budget planning, resource allocation, revenue optimization and public expenditure management.
We also help governments improve their efficiency in tax and revenue collection by putting in place more effective tax management systems and collection processes. We offer technology solutions to automate revenue collection and tracking processes, reduce tax evasion and improve financial transparency.
At QUALISYS Consulting, our goal is to help governments and public bodies manage their finances and revenues efficiently and transparently. We are committed to providing high quality services, based on our deep expertise and knowledge of best practices in public finance. Our goal is to contribute to financial stability, economic growth and the well-being of citizens through sound and responsible financial managemen.

​QUALISYS Consulting supports the transformation of banking and financial information systems. 
We offer specialized services in banking and financial services. We understand the crucial importance of the financial sector in the economy and we work with our clients to help them meet the challenges and seize the opportunities in this area.
In the field of banking and financial services, we offer a range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. This may include consulting services in financial management, strategic planning, risk management, business process improvement and regulatory compliance.
We work closely with financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, asset management companies and companies in the sector to help them develop growth strategies, optimize their operations, improve their efficiency and meet ever-changing regulatory requirements. .
We also offer digital transformation services in the financial sector, helping our clients adopt cutting-edge technologies, set up integrated management systems, improve their customer experience and develop innovative products and services.
At QUALISYS Consulting, we are committed to providing high quality services, based on our in-depth expertise and our knowledge of best practices in the financial sector. Our goal is to help our clients strengthen their competitiveness, optimize their financial performance and comply with regulatory standards, while providing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

At QUALISYS Consulting, we are committed to economic, social and cultural development. We understand the importance of balanced development that simultaneously promotes economic growth, improved social conditions and strengthened cultural heritage.
In the field of economic development, we offer expertise in policy formulation, strategic planning, investment promotion, development of key sectors, job creation and improvement of business competitiveness. Our goal is to help create an environment conducive to sustainable economic growth, innovation and entrepreneurship.
In the field of social development, we work with governments, non-governmental organizations and communities to promote social inclusion, equal opportunities, access to education, health care, water drinking water and sanitation. We focus on reducing poverty, protecting human rights, empowering women, promoting health and well-being, and tackling social inequalities.
In the field of cultural development, nous we encourage the preservation and enhancement of cultural, artistic and historical heritage. We work with local actors to promote cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue, sustainable cultural tourism and the creation of economic opportunities in the cultural sector.
Finally, we believe in an integrated development that takes into account the economic, social and cultural dimensions. We are committed to providing high quality services, based on our expertise and our commitment to excellence, in order to contribute to the sustainable, balanced and inclusive development of communities and societies.

QUALISYS Consulting  offers specialized expertise in technologies, media and
telecommunications. We support you in developing a digital strategy adapted to your business, exploiting digital transformation opportunities and improving your online presence. We help you identify and adopt the latest relevant technological innovations,
such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, virtual reality and blockchain.
We also support you in the transition to digital media, developing content strategies, improving media distribution and monetization, and exploiting the opportunities of online platforms and social networks. In addition, we offer solutions to optimize your telecommunications infrastructure, improve service quality, manage data networks and strengthen communications security.
Finally, we use data analytics and artificial intelligence techniques to help you make
informed decisions, optimize your operations, and deliver personalized experiences to your customers. Trust our expertise to stay at the forefront of innovation and succeed in the technology, media and telecommunications sector.

​To meet the specific needs of the Energy and Natural Resources sector, QUALISYS
Consulting has set up specialized teams.
Our teams specialized in the energy sectors (renewable energies, others, etc.), electricity & utilities and mining support you in audit and consulting assignments, whether risk management, cost optimization, introduction of agility or support change on a human, technological or operational level risk management, cost optimization, introduction ofbagility or support for change on a human, technological or operational level.

​To meet the specific needs of the health sector, we offer support and consulting services to all its actors.
We rely on an international network of experts to offer personalized services to optimize internal processes, improve operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, develop growth strategies and support transformation digital. Our ultimate goal is to improve health care and the well-being of populations by providing high-level expertise, practical experience and innovative solutions. By working closely with our customers, we seek to create lasting partnerships and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare and life sciences industry. 
We aim to:
Improve the rate of access to care : Access to care is a major challenge due to high costs and the geographical limitation of health centers, which hinders the ability of populations to benefit from essential health services. This situation is aggravated by the proliferation of illicit practices, such as the sale of illegal drugs and the use of unqualified healers, which pose risks to the health of individuals. Digital offers innovative solutions such as applications for raising awareness of diseases and improving the distribution of care, making it possible to overcome the obstacles linked to high costs and the geographical limitation of health centers, while reducing illicit practices and improving access to essential health services.
Develop innovative initiatives with the support of digital : Technological advances offer innovative solutions in the field of health. Digital applications are developed to raise awareness of diseases such as diabetes, malaria, HIV, pregnancy issues, contraception and epidemics. Moreover, these technologies make it possible to improve the distribution of care in isolated regions, where access to health services is limited. The main objective of these initiatives is to integrate patients throughout the health system, actively engaging them in their own health and promoting more effective care policies. Thanks to these digital solutions, it is possible to improve prevention, disease monitoring, treatment management and promote better communication between healthcare professionals and patients, thus contributing to more holistic and personalized care.

​Education and training are essential pillars of personal and professional development. At QUALISYS Consulting, we are committed to supporting educational institutions and individuals in their quest for excellence and growth.
For educational institutions, we offer specialized expertise to help them meet the challenges of the changing educational landscape. We work closely with institutions to develop educational strategies, design relevant curricula, improve instructional processes, integrate educational technologies and train teachers. Our goal is to create stimulating learning environments and prepare learners to succeed in an ever-changing world.
For individuals, we offer professional training solutions tailored to their specific needs.
Whether it is to develop new skills, retrain or improve their employability, we design and implement personalized training programs. We also offer online training and digital learning paths for added flexibility.

Our specialized teams at QUALISYS Consulting have developed in-depth expertise in the industrial sector and can support you in your transformation projects, taking into account all the essential dimensions: business, digital, agile, technological and human. 
In this era of imminent industrialization, the modernization of techniques plays a decisive role. For example, the development of smart water networks allows operators to remotely manage, control and diagnose problems related to their operations. The adoption of advanced technologies, such as drones used to supervise crops and check the progress of harvests, is also a key factor. In addition, the integration of new marketplaces on mobile applications makes it possible to connect players in the consumer sector with their customers. These new technologies offer real disruptive opportunities, particularly in the context of agriculture 4.0, where predictive maintenance, blockchain and product traceability are digitized. This is a real reinvention of the sector, opening the way to new prospects for large and medium-sized distribution.
QUALISYS Consulting is here to help you develop a strategy for safe and sustainable growth in the field of consumption. Trust our expertise to navigate this evolving industry and seize the opportunities available to you.

QUALISYS Consulting helps you to build and develop your information systems in relation to your activity.

The global economy depends on connectivity – the smooth channels through which people and goods move through the skies, roads, rails, oceans and waterways with speed, safety and efficiency. The growing sophistication and complexity of the travel, logistics and supporting transportation infrastructure sectors have helped fuel global economic growth, but have also revealed vulnerabilities.
We offer a full range of services and solutions. By working closely with governments and industry players, we help create quality infrastructure and improve transport systems.
As a team, we strive to exceed our clients' expectations by providing personalized services. Through our technical expertise, strong project management and dedication to meeting specific needs, we provide tailored solutions that contribute to sustainable infrastructure and transport development in Africa and across the continent. Our longterm relationships with our customers and partners are built on the quality of our work and our integrity.

We are developing a range of services adapted to your needs in the different market segments :

  • Transport and Road Infrastructure
  • Transport and Air Infrastructure
  • Transport et Maritime Infrastructure
  • Construction 

QUALISYS Consulting offers specialized services for the retail and consumer sector, helping companies to thrive in a constantly changing environment. We understand the challenges faced by businesses in the sector, and offer tailor-made solutions to stimulate growth, improve operational efficiency and meet changing consumer expectations.
Our services cover a wide range of areas, including business strategy, digital transformation, operations management, customer experience, supply chain management, marketing and communications, as well as data analytics and artificial intelligence. We work closely with our customers to develop business strategies tailored to their markets, identifying new growth opportunities and optimizing their existing operations. We also help companies navigate the digital world by adopting emerging technologies, developing e-commerce platforms and enhancing their online presence.