Qualisys consulting supports all players in the health sector. 


The 21st century has brought many changes to the health sector, whose challenges are constantly changing: management of addictions, financing of care, changes in regulatory constraints, but also digitization and use of data...

Players must be able to follow these developments and transform themselves to continue to offer a relevant offer. Specialists in the sector need targeted support, both in the day-to-day management of their business and in their development and adaptation to the healthcare world of tomorrow.

In Africa and internationally, our teams dedicated to health care and life sciences intervene in audit, consulting or accounting, and rely on a global network of experts and a specialized center of excellence.

Qualisys Consulting helps you meet the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. In a changing, unpredictable and accelerating economic environment, four major trends are likely to significantly and lastingly change the pharmaceutical industry.

Socio-demographic remodeling and the intensification of disparities in access to care represent crucial challenges for the sector. Some actors, in particular pharmaceutical companies, have key responsibilities in health, science and extending lifespan. Society's expectations are increasingly high, particularly with regard to the pharmaceutical industry. Finally, issues related to the digitization and generalization of the collection and use of health data will be at the heart of the debates, in France and internationally, with practical, legal and ethical issues..

Qualisys Consulting accompanies its customers in the evolution of the environment of the pharmaceutical industry and helps them to adapt to these evolutions.

Qualisys Consulting accompanies you in your daily management and the development of your company. Pharmacists, doctors, nurses... Your work environment is strongly influenced by political, tax and social decisions, such as the social security financing law, pharmacist quotas and student quotas.

You have to make the right choices to ensure your income and your sustainability. Recent changes in health policy, as well as the emergence of new players in the drug value chain and in the treatment of patients, create multiple opportunities.

Our knowledge of the business sector has been built on interaction with a wide range of clients, both global and local. Our professionals assist their clients in the field of auditing, consulting or accounting expertise and offer them a range of services adapted to their specific needs..

Qualisys Consulting supports private and public players in the care supply sector. Health establishments have seen their models change significantly in recent years (mergers and consolidations, trend towards specialization of care activities, redesign of activities around the patient's journey, development of ambulatory care, establishment of public-private partnerships, crisis and pandemic (COVID 19) management in response to changes in the healthcare ecosystem, including regulatory and pricing changes.

Our teams dedicated to hospitals and clinics operate across the continent and are able to support healthcare institutions in the challenges they face today, whether in terms of consulting, auditing or accounting.

Qualisys Consulting supports many institutions, authorities and agencies in the health sector. The health sector has been strongly marked by recent institutional changes that have transformed the health landscape. Independent national actors as well as public organizations will have to adapt and make the right decisions to meet the needs of patients. The various players in the sector will be able to create synergies in order to improve the services offered.

Our specialized teams will support you with a range of services tailored to your specific needs, from strategic and organizational analysis to the diagnosis of IT architectures and performance, including the improvement of financial performance.

Our teams rely on a network of experts and benefit from collective experience, and capitalize on best practices to best meet the needs of our customers.


 Qualisys Consulting assists players in the medical technology sector in their daily activities and future ambitions.

The MedTech sectors (or medical technologies) is a very large sector with blurred boundaries, including medical devices (MD), in-vDITo diagnostic medical devices (IVD), but also other types of innovative technologies, equipment and services related to medicines.

This heterogeneity comes with great diversity in terms of level of regulation and applications of products and equipment, which can relate to both diagnosis and treatment. To support you, Qualisys Consulting has professionals dedicated to MedTech issues. Consultants, accountants and auditors are at your disposal and proactive to meet your challenges, constraints and ambitions.

With QC by their side, our clients in these sectors can tackle complex challenges and take decisive action to improve patient services while creating shareholder value. We help them :

  1. Rethink their business model and their customer relationship to place the patient at the heart of a multi-channel digital strategy;

  2. Redefining logistics to create a cost-effective and patient-centric global value chain; Restructure their businesses to continuously accelerate and optimize patient access to medicines ;

  3. Helping life science companies develop and implement customer-centric digital models ;

  4. Help businesses address the challenges of IT transformation through cost reduction and tendering solutions ;

  5. Building the right supply chain to increase profitability and respond quickly to market challenges ;

  6. Use analytical solutions to help companies develop new business models.