Telecommunications and ICT

Qualisys Consulting helps you better govern your information system by controlling your project portfolio and adopting IT repositories aligned with your strategy


Telecommunications and technology companies are at the heart of the digital economy. They build the infrastructure and devices that connect people, businesses and countries. Companies in these sectors generate more economic profit than any other sector of the global economy, but they are not immune to the disruptions they create themselves.. 
The Qualisys Consulting team in charge of the telecommunications and technology industry brings together one of the best groups of African experts in this field, respected for having helped to shape certain brands in the telecommunications and computer industry and for having helped businesses of all sizes to thrive in a digital world.
The practice of Qualisys Consulting in the telecommunications and technology sector aims to help companies thrive in the ever-changing business landscape of the sector. The breadth of our knowledge can help organizations uncover opportunities and understand trends that can spark new growth. We help telecom and technology industry leaders create the change that matters in this evolving market, build internal capabilities, integrate digital and analytical tools into their organizations, and transform the way they work to improve their activity in a substantial and sustainable way.

  • Consumer Technology

  • Telecommunications operations

  • Integration of tools and technologies

  • Enterprise software 

  • Digital IT Services  

  • Transformation and restructuring​

  • Technological infrastructure (network, data center, servers, etc.) 

  • Technology strategies (enterprise solution, cloud, mobility, IoT, Blockchain, micro-services, infrastructure, cybersecurity, etc.)


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Orange Côte d’Ivoire

CO_ARS: Audit, risque informatique et sécurité de l'information

Programme « Gouvernance Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information d’Orange Côte d’Ivoire Télécom »

Côte d'Ivoire


CO_BTR: Transformation Métier (Entreprise)

Accompagnement dans la mise en œuvre du Système de Management de la Sécurité de l’Information(SMSI) conforme à la norme ISO/IEC 27001 pour GALAXY BACKBONE du Nigéria



CO_DIT: Transformation digitale et IT

Gouvernance du SMSI d’Interswitch 



CO_ARS: Audit, risque informatique et sécurité de l'information

Accompagnement de GAINDE 2000 pour la mise en place d’un Système de Management de la Sécurité de l’Information (SMSI) pour ses activités de développement et de mise en production de solutions  informatiques relatives à  la dématérialisation des procédures du commerce extérieur au Guichet Unique des opérations du Commerce Extérieur  au Sénégal en vue d’une certification ISO 27001

Sénégal, Burkina, Kenya