Services de E-Learning

 QUALISYS Consulting offers a complete e-learning offer that includes a wide selection of standard modules, as well as personalized e-learning solutions created in partnership with you.
In addition to transmitting knowledge to you, QUALISYS consulting assists you in the implementation of your LMS (Learning Management System) solution: An internal heritage to facilitate the learning of all members of your company and including features such as:

E-learning: course materials and files are accessible at any time and by everyone

Distance courses: speakers can give distance courses in videoconference mode with several

functionalities such as document sharing and exchanges in real time and online
E-assessment: assessments and results are generated through the platform

Standard e-learning solutions

Choose from our catalog of qualifying and certifying training courses, available in English and French, and composed of simple instructions, to follow at your own pace.


Tailor-made e-learning solutions

We work with you to design an e-learning program tailored to your specific needs. With several years of experience and multiple e-learning projects in all sectors of activity, we are committed to ensuring that the solution developed fully meets your objectives.

Our tailor-made solutions integrate a wide variety of e-learning tools accessible from a powerful multi-user platform. Our solutions cover all needs, from content creation to individual assessments, with the support of the skills of project managers, expert trainers, illustrators, graphic designers and integrators. Our e-learning solutions accompany and perfectly complement face-to-face training: it is a mixed device (blended).

Why opt for e-learning?

Our e-learning solutions offer multiple advantages for your organization :

   * reduced costs : no travel, accommodation or meal costs,
   * time saving :less travel and time spent outside the office,
   * consistency of training provided in your organization,
   * monitoring and reporting to inform managers and HR of the progress of the training and grades obtained,
   * automated recording and scoring.

... as well as for your employees :

   * training on demand : your employees follow the training at their own pace,
outside office hours or even from home,
   * individualized rhythm your employees follow the training at their own pace,
outside to reduce stress and increase satisfaction
* interactivity: realistic, user-friendly and attractive training tools for
users office hours or even from home,
   * access to refreshers and reference guides for an assimilation
progressive skills

Advanced technology​

We believe that technology is an asset in the development of optimal training solutions.

For our project management training, we use tools such as the SimulTrain project simulation tool. STS products are used in more than 60 countries and in multiple languages, with at least 150,000 project managers trained to date.

We also use a learning content management system (LCMS) whose user-friendly interface offers powerful and reliable functionalities for the creation, distribution and administration of course content..